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(BE)FRIEND: The Power of Friendship: How Female Bonds Amplify Female Leadership

Project Type

Social Impact Creative Collaboration


March 2024


Creative Director, Lead Designer, Brand Partnership Coordinator


Marketing, Social Media, Website

Embarking on a transformative journey, the collaboration between Underclub and genEquality celebrates the profound impact of female friendship on success. It all began with a vibrant gathering in November, where diverse female leaders from various sectors convened for engaging dialogues on empowerment, vulnerability, and mutual support. This event catalyzed our collaborative efforts, igniting a shared passion to amplify the voices of women and foster a culture of empowerment.

Following this inspiring event, artist Zuzu Perkal crafted the (BE)Friend artwork, beautifully capturing the essence of our conversations. This visual representation serves as a powerful reminder of the strength found in women supporting each other. Additionally, our collaboration unveiled "friendship fuchsia," a color symbolizing the journey of friendship, based on data analysis from genEquality's "Shades of Equality" showing the time it takes for two people to transition from friends to best friends.

In February, this collaboration reached new heights when Underclub and genEquality were offered a panel discussion at SXSW's Culture Track series. Titled "The Power of Friendship: How Female Bonds Amplify Female Leadership," the panel delved into insightful discussions of the power of friendship led by myself alongside genEquality's Founder, Sherry Hakimi, and panelists Reema Sampat and Wendy Davis.

Throughout this collaboration, we remained committed to cultivating a community of women supporting women, starting with intimates. Collaborations with female designers, creatives, and artists showcased empowering partnerships among women. Our initiatives with female-owned businesses drove positive change and supported the growth and empowerment of women everywhere.

In essence, our project exemplified the mission of championing empowerment and support, encouraging women to uplift and empower one another as they navigate their paths to success.

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