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Painted Canvas: Sarah Kitchen

Project Type

Artist Collaboration


March 2023


Creative Director, Lead Designer, Brand Partnership Coordinator


Marketing, Social Media, Website


Mack Eveland

In a fusion of creativity and empowerment, Underclub teamed up with Kilo Brava, female-owned lingerie powerhouse to showcase the captivating artwork of Sarah Kitchen.

Sarah's print, adorning each piece of lingerie, celebrates femininity, healing, and forward momentum. Embrace the empowering energy of her artwork as you embody resilience and progress in every wear.

Reflecting on her artistic journey, Sarah shares, "I was thrilled to create a piece of art that ultimately would be on other people's bodies. The painting I chose represents femininity and movement, symbolizing my sister, healing, and moving forward. Art is raw and real; you cannot hide from what your inner artist creates."

Inspired by Sarah's vision, I worked closely with her to turn her vibrant painting into a dynamic print for this collection, ensuring that each lingerie piece radiates the same empowering energy and embodies the essence of resilience and progress.

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