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Bouquets and Briefs

Project Type

Concept & Event


February 2024


Creative Director, Lead Designer, Event Organizer


Marketing, Social Media, Website

Introducing "Bouquets and Briefs," a concept born from the vision of intertwining femininity and beauty with flowers and women. Originating from a photoshoot with Underclub, this concept marries floral arrangements with lingerie-clad women, creating a powerful connection between nature's beauty and the strength of femininity.

From this concept emerged the "body alter" concept, which recently came to life at Underclub's "In Love With You" event—a night of empowering celebration. Bathed in soft hues and soothing melodies, this transformative journey invited attendees to construct a personal altar—a tangible celebration of their unique path to self-empowerment. Embracing the beauty of their bodies and the power of self-love, guests experienced an enchanting evening dedicated to feminine strength and self-empowerment.

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